For the past 11 years, entrepreneurial leaders in federal, state and local housing agencies have turned to Tower Communications for new ways to help them maximize their marketing and customer service operations. Below are the most recent news articles highlighting our company's work to extend the American Dream of homeownership to all.

Washington Post:  Tower Helps to Increase Efficiency in Governmental Processes
January 2001
The Washington Post discusses about how Tower Communications technologies have eliminated the costly, paper- and labor-intensive processes by which HUD and VA formerly auctioned their foreclosure properties. This article emphasizes that, by deploying leading-edge technologies, governments can save taxpayer money while becoming as customer-service oriented as the best private sector companies.  To see the full article, click here.

RIS Media:  Tower Helps Ensure Full and Open Access to Governmental Services
January 2001
RIS Media Services, RIS Media, the leading independent provider of news to the real estate and relocation industries, reports on how Tower Communications confronts the digital divide in the US today. Six of ten of American households lack Internet access, so simply migrating government services to the Internet may actually serve to expand our nation's digital divide. The article summarizes how Tower Communications has created a multi-channel strategy encompassing Internet, automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone systems, plus live customer service call center operators, to help ensure that our nation's federal, state and local governmental services remain accessible to all Americans.  To see the full article, click here.

Realty Times:  Tower's Sales Volume Exceeds That of eBay
January 2001
Realty Times, a central news source for the residential real estate industry, reports on the enormous volume of real estate transactions which move through Tower's systems. Realty Times reports that in the past year, Tower Communications auctioned an estimated 2% of all the homes that were sold in the US. The gross sale value of this real estate was a full $7 billion, more than eBay auctions in a year.  To see the full article, click here.

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